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You are writing your autobiography today! What you do at the present time helps to determine the kind of life you end up living. Decisions that you make now will shape the rest of your life. It is important to make good decisions.

Shallom Mission Bible College Life

The time you spend as a student at SMBC will never be forgotten. The excitement and the growth, the changes, tears and laughter – will be some of the most meaningful moments in your life. You will have the opportunity to study with all ages, cultures, professions and students from various nations with diverse callings and anointing. At SMBC, the development of the whole person is vital – spirit, soul and body.


The maintenance of an effective prayer is of vital importance toward gaining maximum benefits of each day’s teaching. The College opens early enough for students to meet for prayers, praise and worship before classes begin. Practical prayer meetings are conducted at other times for variety of needs.


The home and class work assignment will be kept to a minimum to allow ample time for family life. Biblical priorities place family obligations very high in life; second to one’s personal relationship with God. Therefore students should ensure that their attendance at their courses in no way distract them from the welfare and needs of their spouses, children or family. If we are informed about neglect in this area, it may lead or result to dismissal from SMBC.


It is essential that students should permit nothing to interfere with God’s perfect plan for their lives, the attainment which is the purpose of their attending SMBC. Part of God’s plan for men and women is to form acquaintances that may result in life companionship – However, students must guard against hastly dating, courtships and unwise marriages.


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Certificate Courses in Ministerial Studies

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“Study to show thyself approved unto God…” II Timothy 2:15